We're building Maine's first art theme park.

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You read right, we're building Maine's first art theme park! Immersive arts is our passion and specialty, we're combining art, science, and technology to support Maine's future.

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Created with <3 from Portland ME

Created with <3 from Portland ME

Created with <3 from Portland ME

Created with <3 from Portland ME

Created with <3 from Portland ME

Created with <3 from Portland ME

Created with <3 from Portland ME

art theme park?

Hey there, we're PORTL& and we're shaping the future of arts, entertainment, sustainability and technology in Portland Maine and we'd love for you to join us.

We are building a world class, transformative immersive arts destination (art theme park) that will create culture, jobs and revenue.

More Deets on PORTL&
  • Employ creators full time at deserved wages
  • Generating millions in revenue
  • Increasing tourism across the entire state
  • Strengthening artists and culture in Maine

"I've been following you guys for a while and I've really enjoyed your popup experiences. I can't wait to see what you do next!" -Lisa

Did we mention, we're also building a virtual museum?

We have a team of individuals who stay up real late messing around in blender and virtual reality building cool stuff; so that you may also stay up real late, messing around with cool stuff we built just for you. Try out this sample right here in the browser! And remember to come back when the full museum is up and running.

With this museum, we want to invite creators to collaborate with us and have their work brought to a virutal space to share far and wide. The museum will be compatible with modern browsers and quest 2.

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ASDW = Walk
SPACE = Jump
MOUSE = Look

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Meet The team

Faye Warner

A Maine creator who founded the Magical Mystery Box in February 2020. Since then she has taken a crash course in all things art and has a will and determination to make sure this happens.

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Sara Handspicker

Growing up Sara was the friend who always wanted to sing and dance. Following her dreams to become a professional dancer and performer. She's worked at major theme parks and recognizes the importance of performance arts in immersing viewers into a narrative.

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Joe Goodwin

Experiential artist with a penchant for building things out of nothing. This is exemplified by his numerous installations, combining futuristic technologies and mastery of mixed physical media.

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Darrel Grosvalet

Darrel is a developer and designer with over 10 years of experience who's worked in enterprise, tourism and virtual reality. Recently he worked with a team on a piece for the Tribeca Film Festival's VR category.

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We're a team

We're growing our team, and want to work with you. Let's talk all things weird, wild and wonderful. Let's make magic happen together!

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We're deeply passionate about community, arts and technology. We want to create a stronger future for Maine, that's why we started PORTL&.

are you a

Are you a creator that likes to utilize multiple senses? Maybe you enjoy moving your body to sounds that don't make sense to anyone else but you. Maybe you enjoy putting fabrics together and creating garments that are out of this world. Maybe you like getting your hands dirty and creating one of a kind installations.

Whatever that weird thing is you do, is most definitely what makes you awesome. Come join us! Show us your magic.

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are you an investor?

We are looking for an investor who knows the importance of what we’re doing. We want to partner with someone who “gets it.” Is that you? Become a part of Maine’s future with us.

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