What's an art theme park and who is PORTL&?

We are building a world class, transformative immersive arts destination (art theme park) that will create culture, jobs and revenue. That means we'll need creators, technologists, dreamers, investors and community. Building a venue in Portland ME is our end game, and we're forging a path to do so.

Being creators ourselves, we saw how many of us needed to hold 2+ jobs just to make ends meet and keep doing the things we love. That's when we decided to build something bigger than ourselves, and something hopefully you'll love too.



The expression or application of human creative skill & imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Theme Park

A type of amusement park that bases it's structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes.


PortL& is a state of the art, world class venue offering Maine the type of entertainment it has never seen before. Our goal is to create a hub that not only creates a majorly profitable venue and installation space, it also gives back to Maine's economy as a whole through developing a strong, well cared for workforce that will keep many generations of creative and intelligent workers here in Maine. We know this will work, we just need to water the seed.

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Being Mainers ourselves, we've lived through budget cuts on arts, technology and creative educational programming. We want to create a location for educating the community as a whole, by supporting workshops and classes. We also want to tour the state, and support the many different arts, music, performance and technology programs that have slowly wilted away in public schools in this state. We know we need to support our future co-workers and employees. We start that by giving back to them and this beautiful and amazing state we call home.


PORTL& is dedicated to the creator community and we're building a co-working / collaborating space with all the bells and whistles. Well, tools and machines, not really bells and whistles : ) This collaborative space will support memberships for shared work areas as well as individual studios.

Part of our plan is to provide support and training on equipment such as 3d printing, machining tools, projectors and more. We'll also be looking forward to holding workshops and classes in the future run by ourselves and members of the community in this space.

Why is this important?

Maine is a magical state. We know this. Maine is not only pretty darn magical, it's also very clear there are some serious issues in this state that need to change. Some of these issues include:

  • Careers that are based in Maine with financially respectable wages.
  • Jobs in Maine within creative sectors that have full time availability, with benefits.
  • Financially profitable businesses that are able to give back to future generations of Mainers.
  • Lack of Museums and family friendly indoor experiences in Portland.

PortL&’s team has the foundation, ingenuity, intelligence and creativity to ensure these problems, can be a thing of the past. Young Mainer’s interested in pursuing higher salaried positions in places like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, or Philadelphia won’t NEED to move to find the wages, and work they love. Creatives will be able to have secure flexible working hours to care for their families, attend residencies, and pursue their independent creative pursuits.

Creativity and Technology is the future in our automated world. And by creating a world class art theme park, geared towards creating a better future, we can do it. We’ve looked at the numbers, we’ve done our research. As it stands right now, when we start opening our doors to customers, we know we can be more profitable than most immersive venues. Not only can we become profitable to give back, we can sustain and grow. We can create community, we can keep amazing people living and working IN MAINE. Year round, and, above all, we can add a little more magic to Maine, making it a destination not just for weddings and the great outdoors.

How PORTL& Works

Do you want to work with us?

Are you a creator that wants to get involved? Maybe you have a dream installation you've wanted to create. Are you wanting to hire us for an event, or educational workshop? Lets make dreams reality. No dream is too big.

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Are you an investor who wants to make a difference?

Meet with us and become more than just your capital. We are creating a sustainable and profitable future for creators through technology and arts focused ventures.

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PORTL& is an arts & technology based company headquartered in Portland ME. We're all creators, artist, collaborators and friends. We're here to help keep the arts in Portland and make sure our creators can remain in PortL&.

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